Technical requirements:

Max 200 people, ages 4 and up.
Get in: Same day in the morning for an evening show.
Get out: Same day after show.
Maximum 2 shows per day (3 is possible under certain conditions).

To be provided by theater:

The organizer will provide a simple light and sound setup, a fixed mounted projector and screen and a technician running simple cues during the show and assisting with technical matters. The organizer will also provide a fire extinguisher in case of emergency and a wireless microphone if audience is bigger than 150 or the space makes it hard to hear (big or outdoors).

Stage size: Breaking Point is a show that can be adapted to many different sizes and shapes.

In its most basic format it requires:

4 x floor anchor points or 500kg weights on pallets.
1 x roof anchor point/bar over 2 of the points.
The stage size depends on the amount of audience, due to them being on stage with us. Minimum 10x15m.

Ask for Technical Rider for full information.


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Technical requirements

Download technical requirements.


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