Breaking Point is the result of 2 years of artistic research during the masters in ”New Performative Practices” at the University of the Arts in Stockholm (DOCH).

Mainly through the slack rope, Breaking Point explores the tension created in certain situations due to expectations and people´s relation to the used materials, riggings or everyday objects.

Most of the props are built on stage, with the audience´s help and then tested until they break. These props include a slack rope made out of paper, that is then summited to fire, steam, water and friction; a slack rope made out of fishing line, etc. All rigged in very unconventional ways to help create this tension. The audience is moved around the stage, asked to help with certain things and to be as close as they dare.

The proposal is simple and there are no tricks with the light or sound. The idea is that the materials can speak for themselves and that what the audience sees is what it is, no more. The paper is real paper, the fishing line is just fishing line and the fire is real fire.